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Roof repair

Roof repair

We Repair your Roof correctly the first time!

There are any number of roofing issues that you can encounter, ranging in severity from small leaks to major issues in one of the layers of roofing. These problems can be dangerous as they can signal further structural damage and must be immediately attended to. It is important to hire the most professional services available when you are dealing with such a serious problem. If you’re looking to hire the best roofing repair contractor in Rockville, MD, we offer the most professional services and are dedicated to our clients’ best interests.
Generally, if you have owned a property for over 12-15 years, facing issues such as leaks in the roof is a clear indication that it’s time for a roof replacement. However, if you own a newer roof, you could be experiencing leaks due to an improperly installed roof, or abnormal wear and tear that our experienced staff will be able to carefully inspect and suggest a solution according to your budget and needs.

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There are a wide variety of potential roof issues a home or business owner could run into. The most common roof issues that we encounter are as follows:

  • Leaks: Leaks in the roof is one of the most common repair situations that we deal with. They may occur due to poor installation or a failing moisture barrier.
  • Curled shingles: curled shingles are another problem that occurs due to poor ventilation, resulting in air being trapped in the decks. These lead to possible mold growth in them and the curling up of the edges. In severe cases, the only solution is roof replacement.
  • Blow-offs: Due to exposed seams or laps, winds or moisture can easily penetrate through the layers, allowing them to loosen up and blow off from the roof. This is another one of the most common problems that we encounter
  • Poor craftsmanship: poor workmanship can result in shoddy installation, which shows itself when pieces begin to fall off the roof. The bad quality in turn causes premature aging, causing headaches for the homeowners.
  • Improper repairs: perhaps the last roofing company you called to fix a leak didn’t do things with the greatest care or use quality products when installing replacement shingles or in doing other repairs. Therefore, whenever you look for roof repair in Rockville, MD, you must always choose the most experienced company in the game.
Whether big or small, every issue must be dealt with utmost diligence and expertise so that it can be addressed appropriately. Repairing your roof can extend its lifespan through using better-quality material, and our team will immediately identify the weak points on your roof to fix them. Replacing your roof doesn’t only protect other features of your home but also increases the value of your home, business, or other property. Fixing minor issues at the right time or installing a replacement can save you from larger expenses that can take an enormous toll on your pocket. Whether you are looking for commercial roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, tile roofing, or shingle roofing for your next project, we guarantee the product we provide will be long lasting and you will be satisfied with our service.
We have built our reputation in the industry and maintained our position as the best roof repair contractor in Rockville, MD, by prioritizing our customer’s satisfaction over everything. For this, we provide services through our skilled team of professionals who hold years of experience in using durable materials and tools in order to provide quality roofing solutions every time.
Whether you want a replacement for a home, business, or other property, we promise optimal performance of whichever roofing solution you select. Allow our skilled support team to help you make the right choice for your property . If you’re seeking out the best roofing contractors in Rockville, MD, you sure want the best in business, and we have the expertise, experience, and competent team that guarantees the best results
We are available at your convenience at all hours. So, no matter what the issue, contact the Universal Construction Group, LLC, to get the top roofing contractors in Rockville, MD, for the best services.

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